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English Pages [] Year DOWNLOAD FILE. La galaxia está sumida en el caos. El estreno de una nueva entrega de «Star Wars» ha creado inquietud en gran. Allies and Adversaries is an era sourcebook for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars roleplaying game system, featuring. Craig Gallant. Keith Ryan Kappel. Katrina Ostrander. and James Spahn. with Kathleen Berger and Brandon Perdue Marcia Colby, Liza Lundgren. Jason Glawe. Jane Knoll. and Mark Pollard LICENSING MANAGING RPG PRODUCER Simone Elliott and Amanda Greenhart Sam Stewart EXECUTIVE GAME DESIGNER r GAME LINE GRAPHIC DESIGN Corey Konieczka Chris Beck with Shaun Soyke, Samuel Shimota. and Evan Simonet CREATIVE DIRECTOR EX. NSlON GRAPHlC OESlGN Andrew Navaro Chris Beck and Scott Nicely EXECUTIVE PRODUCER GRAPHIC DESIGN MANAGER Michael Hurley Brian Schomburg PUBLISHER COVERART Christian T.

Jonas Falsen. J0rgen "ExKwame· Nj0ten. and Ivan Andre Paulsen. Daniel Mooney, Samantha Myers. Chris Paneitz. Brett Smith, and Matt Warwas. Sammy Carroll. Jim Joos. and Todd Monte. Jacon Atienza. Arden Beckwith. Greg Bobrowski, Alberto Bontempi. Matt Bradbury. JB Casacop, Anna Christenson. Anthony Devine. Mariusz Gandzel, Audrey Hotte. Jeff Lee Johnson. Mark Molnar. David Auden Nash. Stephen Somers, Darren Tan. Ryan Valle, Ben Zweifel, and the Lucasfilm art archives. ART DIRECTION John M. Tallion LUCASFILM CREATIVE DIRECTOR SENIOR EDITOR LUCASFILM STORY GROUP Michael Siglain Frank Parisi Leland Chee.

No part of this product may be reproduced without specific written permission. Fantasy Flight Games and the FFG Logo are registered trademarks of Fantasy Flight Games. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. ISBN: Product Code: SWF35 Printed in China For more information about the Star Wars: F oRcE AND DESTINY line, free downloads. answers to rule queries, or just to pass on greetings, visit us online at www. com CREDITS DISCPL£S OF' HARMONY www. ft, ·~ THE CONSULAR IN STAR WARS T hey say the Force is a living thing. Few are more connected to it than those who call themselves Consulars. Whereas other Force users may pursue it for strength. or protection, or deception, or even as a way to amplify their own emotions.

Consulars seek a stronger connection to the Force itself, as if it were a friend and trusted ally. To Consulars, it lives and breathes just as any other creature in the galaxy: Consulars truly seek to make the Living Force part of themselves. Consulars connected to the Force in this way are formidable opponents indeed on the field of battle. their real strength is away from the fighting. Encounter them in the galaxy at large, and you will discover beings fully capable of turning the tide of war on a galactic scale. Even in moments of peace, Consulars remain a force to be reckoned with. often without ever igniting their lightsabers. Consulars not only listen to the will of the Force in the present but also connect to its long past. They explore the lore of the galaxy and delve into its secrets, searching for knowledge and insight other Force users might choose to ignore in search of more immediate benefits.

The tale of a Force user long dead may have bearing on the present and grant a Consular unique insight. The past may enlighten the difficult decisions required not only of Consulars themselves but also of all those who would survive under the Empire's oppression. The Force may provide subtle clues and hints about strange artifacts that might aid the cause of the Rebellion if located-or. if eliminated, prevent the Emperor's strength from growing even greater. Consulars do not concern themselves only with the past. The future looms large in their thoughts. Consulars bear the responsibility of finding and training future generations of Jedi. Without Their knowledge and skill in training the Jedi younglings, the traditions of the Order would matter little, as there would be no one to carry them on. All efforts would be for naught. and the Force itself might descend into darkness if there were none to carry it in the light.

No Jedi of the past would be of any consequence if their knowledge could not be passed on to those who come next. Throughout the galaxy, Consulars work to preserve the past. protect the present. and prepare for the future. all while connecting with the Force so closely that there are few who can doubt it is their ally. I ,,, A wise Consular makes use of any knowledge he can find. from ancient lore to written records. even including rare artifacts such as the holocrons left by ancient Jedi Masters. Almost no piece of knowledge is too esoteric or too small to be of use at some point. it is the wise Consular who learns of it and puts it to use. Successful negotiations of any scale often rely on the Consular's ability to find the real cause of conflict buried under the half-truths and obfuscation both sides use to justify their continuation. Knowing the various forms of combat or the tactics of an opponent can help a Consular point out the best defensive approach.

Knowledge of effective teaching methods and forms of practice can help the Consular instruct a difficult Padawan who cannot see how what he learns today will impact his performance in the heat of battle. Knowledge of rare Force techniques has given more than one Jedi the means to carry on their life's work beyond their apparent demise. Even such apparently trivial knowledge as the name of the last-appointed head of a local planetary farming consortium can have some bearing on a Consular's efforts if put into the right context. Without the right knowledge, a Consular's work is considerably more difficult. In such cases. vital decisions are more akin to guesswork than reasoned and mindful efforts. To a Consular. knowledge is nearly everything. no amount of knowledge will benefit a Consular who does not have the discernment to sort through it and separate that which is important from that which is not. The Consular's discernment may be the only clue available when listening to opposing sides in order to resolve a conflict.

Seeing the feint that hides the killing blow may mean life or death in the moment. A pupil may have difficulty with training. but the discerning master will know why, without having to ask. Consulars· connection to the Force does not avail them if they have not the ability to hear and understand what the Force is telling them. Visions from the Force matter not if they cannot tell the actual from the possible or sift through those possibilities to determine what might happen given a particular course of action. PEACE, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE Where two opposing sides exist.

there you will find a Consular hard at work as an Arbiter of the dispute. The scale of the conflict does not matter. From the smallest community squabbles to the largest of galactic conflicts, the Arbiter is hard at work trying to broker peace. Arbiters negotiate for balance and peaceful resolution. They work tirelessly to bring those in conflict together in the hope that settling their differences will lead to stronger communities. Such communities are. after all. less likely to fall victim to the oftentimes disingenuous offers of the Empire to ·settle the matter" for one side or the other. Even when no apparent conflict exists. it is likely because an Arbiter has taken steps to prevent a full-blown outbreak of hostility behind the scenes. sometimes by eliminating the source of conflict personally. While they are constantly working for peace. this does not mean that Arbiters are incapable of combat, merely that they prefer to settle things as peacefully as possible. Collecting and providing useful knowledge.

the Sage works for the good of all. Ancient wisdom and teaching can show new and important insights to Sages, making their eternal quest for knowledge all the more important. Sages truly understand that knowledge is power. Applying that knowledge and power to the world around them brings a purpose to Sages· efforts that few would willingly shun. After all. what Sages learn is important to all, for it not only guides their decisions but can influence those of others as well. Even then, the Force often speaks slowly. disclosing its will only over time. Consulars often find themselves relying on patience to learn what the Force has in store for them.

Some Force users. particularly Consulars, believe that the trappings of modern galactic life separate individuals from their true potential to connect to the Force. Ascetics take this one step further. To Ascetics. the Force is all-important. so they eschew anything that threatens to weaken their connection to it. an Ascetic's only possession is a lightsaber. In return. the Ascetic experiences a connection to the Force that few others ever know. For this Consular. the Force becomes more than just a guiding hand: it becomes almost what the Ascetic is. He knows such a close connection that every moment of his life is directed by and in service to the Living Force. What he gives up in possessions and distractions.

he makes up for in Force-inspired wisdom and spiritual strength. Some say that to truly embrace the Ascetic life is to become one with the Force in life as well as in death. Patience allows the Consular to follow a trail of scant evidence to an important discovery when others might grow weary and give up. The onrushing blows of an enemy are Niman Disciples relies on their skills with a lightsaber to defend themselves and protect those who find themselves in need or are themselves seeking peace for others. Niman The Force is a living thing. but it offers no clear signposts about the future or the past: merely hints and suggestions of what could be and what may have been.

It is up to the Consular to decide what the Force has revealed and how to make use of it. When others grow frustrated with difficult negotiations, Consulars' patience gives them the presence of mind to hear both sides. the levelheadedness to contemplate their decision. and the vigilance to see it implemented. no matter the time it takes. Without patience. a Consular can only ever act in haste and may never be able to see the bigger picture. combined with their Force abilities. make them formidable opponents on the field of battle, difficult to eliminate thanks to their defensive abilities.

Niman Disciples often find themselves engaged in the protection and defense of others. Many a battle won has meant that someone returned home who might otherwise not have. in turn continuing their own good works. While to many, the role of the Healer may seem obvious, a Healer's talents and abilities go far beyond the mere curing of illness and healing of wounds. While those are core tasks for anyone engaged in the healing arts, Healers· ability to tap into the Force for guidance and insight that distinguish them from their fellows. Others are also skilled at treating injuries. reducing symptoms. and mending wounds. but only the Healer uses the Force to provide comfort and aid to those who need it most.

While doing so. the Healer seeks out the root cause of illness. wherever and whatever it may be. even if it proves to be the dark side of the Force. Many communities suffering from epidemics are very pleased to see a Healer on the scene and hard at work. When planetary systems teeter on the edge of Imperial affiliation. a Consular finds a way to bring them back from the brink and stabilize the situation. Industries vital to the Alliance continue to provide supplies because a Consular mediated a labor dispute, or convinced a key supplier to keep supplying in spite of Imperial pressure. Even former Jedi. either lost and forgotten or fa llen to the dark side.

have been brought back into the fold thanks to the efforts of a patient and understanding Consular. The Force has many mysteries. and the Consular is well suited to d iscover them. Ancient temples contain artifacts and knowledge long thought lost. if their existence is known of at all. The Consular seeks these mysteries out. bringing new knowledge to the galaxy and to fellow Force users. Hidden within the Force are all manner of beings and places that. if discovered. could provide valuable information. secure and safe locations. and insight into the workings of the Force. Old tales. both true and mythical, can serve as guides to the future.

and guard against mistakes of the past. Any of these things. properly understood and employed by the Force users of today. could be the tipping point that sees the Empire defeated and peace returned to the galaxy. The future of the Jedi Order, and indeed of the galaxy itself. may lie in the hands of those Consulars who become Teachers. While any Force user may engage a Padawan and raise him in the ways of the Force and the Jedi Order. it is the Teacher who brings a youngling to that point. Teachers draw on not only their experiences but also the knowledge they have access to from other Force users.

holorecordings, and even holocrons created by past masters. Half surrogate parent. half hard-nosed instructor. the Teacher lays the groundwork needed to give young students of the Jedi way the best possible start on their path to eventual mastery. Without Teachers' work, many Force users would be no more than halftrained Force-sensitive magnets for the dark side, as much a danger to themselves as those around them. Worse still, with· out the dedication of a worthy Teacher, such as Master Yoda. the galaxy would soon see an end to the Jedi as an institution. Consulars continue to take on pupils when and where they can. They persist in guiding. seeking knowledge, and advising even in dire circumstances. and even when they are seen as a dangerous threat to the lives and well-being of those they seek to help. HOPE Why do they do all this? Why do they take such risks? What drives them? The shape of the galaxy as it exists today is due in large part to the tireless efforts of Consulars.

While times are desperate and the Empire continues its rampage across the known galaxy, crushing rebellion wherever it may. the situation would be far. far grimmer were it not for the Consular. Thousands of local conflicts are resolved because of a Consular. The wise Consular extinguishes brushfires. preventing them from flaring up into system-spanning conflagrations- situations on which the Empire would be only too happy to capitalize. Few know better than the Consular the extent to which actions taken today can affect the future. With almost all of the Jedi lost to Emperor Palpatine's purge and Lord Vader's subsequent efforts to exterminate them. the remaining Force users have been in decline for decades. there are those who. secreted away in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, look toward the future with hope in their hearts.

Dim though it may be. it glimmers still. The hope that one day, according to the will of the Force. they will find and train their salvation. The hope that the end of the Empire will occur, and the galaxy will be at peace. The hope that the Jedi Order will be restored. If not this generation. then perhaps the next. Or the next after that. A Consular lives on hope. They wish to understand the Force. the galaxy at large, and all the beings who are a part of it. It is through this understanding that they can find peace for themselves and bring it to others. this is no easy task.

and too often peace is only found on the other side of turmoil. In their ceaseless quest for understanding, Consulars are both student and teacher. acquiring knowledge for themselves and passing it on to those who will carry it to future generations. This is a role filled with danger. but for Consulars, knowledge and understanding are the greatest weapons a Jedi or any living being can wield in the battle against the Empire and the dark side of the Force. I The cornerstone of the way of the Consular is the acquisition of knowledge-most often the secrets and lost teachings of the Jedi Order. There are few endeavors more dangerous in the galaxy. The Empire has destroyed or confiscated most of this information.

The few fragments that remain are well hidden and can be nigh impossible to understand. For all their wisdom. these Consulars are no Jedi Knights, and unlike previous generations of their broken legacy. they do not have the wisdom of their elders to call upon. Countless months or years often end in frustra- tion when Consular discover that the artifact or information so diligently sought is written in a long-dead language or secret cipher-or. worse yet. is false information planted by the Empire to draw out those strong in the Force so they can be destroyed or turned to the dark side. In many cases, the information they discovered is not what the Consulars believed it would be; in the worst instances, that information may draw the Consulars into a false understanding tainted with fear.

or hatred. Even more dangerous than the Galactic Empire- or a Consular's own corruption- is the burden of being a mentor to a less-informed initiate of the Force. Many look to Consulars for wisdom or guidance. hoping to find light in one of these supposedly knowledgable instructors. Placed on pedestals and seen as infallible founts of wisdom by those who seek them out. Consulars are forced to live up to an impossible ideal. In spite of reluctance. Consulars know that it is their duty and their destiny to pass on what they have learned. The ways of the Force and the path of the Jedi must live on, especially in these dark times.

wise Consulars know that they are ignorant and that their knowledge is incomplete. and harmony are the stock and trade of Consulars. All who follow the will of the Force find themselves facing conflicts: Consulars choose to find resolution to such trials through insight. compromise, and patience. They believe all beings are a part of the Force and strive to maintain each creature's inherent dignity. As such. many Consulars, regardless of their specialization. are both diplomats and scholars. They believe that the search for knowledge and insight should be taken up for its own sake and that the awareness this quest brings is its own reward. In spite of what many believe. the Force does not provide people with unfailing wisdom or perfect perception. The Force guides individuals. but it gives no easy answers. In fact. it is Consulars' connections to the Force that often drive them in their search for answers to the greatest mysteries of the galaxy-whether for understanding lost lore written down by ancient masters or for insight into how beings are connected to both the Force and each other.

Consulars know there are no true answers to these questions and the greatest wisdom is found in knowing one can never truly achieve complete understanding. Their introspective nature and desire to connect with other beings means that many Consulars have backgrounds in scholarly or diplomatic fields. A natural drive to bring all things together and achieve greater insight means that Consulars often begin their journey in the Force as humble negotiators. introverted academics, or dedicated instructors. It is only after time and self-discovery that Consulars become aware of their deeper connection to the Force and how it guides their actions. What was once an unexplained desire for knowledge becomes an active guiding hand as Consulars open themselves to the Force.

In many cases. Consulars may not even realize they have the ability to use the Force until long after they are set upon their path. While this seems like a peaceful path to enlightenment. Consulars are often driven to hoard secrets as a means to power. A Consular who is the singular keeper of a great secret often develops a sense of superiority over the less informed. Whether such information comes from a forgotten holocron or from the nervous whispers of one who confides in the Consular. there is power to be had in knowledge: those who are not careful may find themselves lusting for hidden secrets in an effort to achieve greater power. Such desires inevitably lead to the dark side.

This means that Consulars must tread lightly and remain humble. They must never believe that they are the wisest or smartest individuals or that they have all the answers. Questions are what drive them. and each answer should lead them down a never-ending, ever-diverging road that only brings more mysteries to be solved. With the insights gained in their quest for knowledge. Consulars hope to bring peace and resolution to a galaxy embroiled in turmoil. While the Galactic Civil War rages around them. Consulars act as voices of peace and reason. Bloodshed and violence are anathema to the Force. which I DISCIPLES OF I. AW DISCIPLES OF HARMONY ,. Because of their connection to the Force. Consulars are often able to sense when ripples of discord and strife threaten to rip away the few fragile pockets of peace that remain.

While not fearful of combat. Consulars always consider it a last resort. after all other options have been exhausted. Diplomacy and reason are the order of the day whenever possible. Yet, in spite of all efforts. there are times when battle cannot be avoided. When Consulars are called upon to use lethal force. they do so only in an effort to prevent greater loss. Weapons are rarely drawn when life can be spared. When Consulars find themselves raising arms against a foe, it is always with the recognition that each life lost creates another ripple of disharmony in the Force and threatens to draw those who take that life closer to the dark side.

Unfortunately, each justification for bloodshed can make the next easier. Indeed, if Consulars are the wisest beings. as they are so often regarded. then are their actions not justified as necessary for the nebulous ·greater good"? The belief that small evils and minor missteps are necessary for some intangible peace that is always just beyond reach can lead to pride. and suffering. Consulars who follow this path may soon find that they are on the road to a power-hungry despotism in which their will. their word. and their actions are the most important simply by virtue of their identity. This is the swift yet subtle path to the dark side. FAILED INITIATE Not all who served in the now-destroyed Jedi Order rose to the rank of Knight.

a great many did not even achieve the status of Padawan. Whether their connection to the Force was judged too weak. they did not possess the maturity to become Padawans when the time came. or no Jedi Knights would accept them into apprenticeship, they never rose beyond the rank of Initiate. While many of these failed initiates entered the Jedi Service Corps, where they could serve as aides to the order. some simply turned their backs on the organization they felt had abandoned them. With the Empire now ruling the galaxy and the Jedi Knights exterminated. the failed initiates travel the galaxy, finding their own path in the Force. Other failed initiates received training in traditions outside the Jedi Order, taking lessons from hidden mentors and eccentric wizards before either striking out on their own or being forced into the life of a fugitive by the Galactic Empire or other organizations.

They have great potential, but their lack of understanding may place them on a dangerous path. Arbiters might have been rejected because they were unable to resolve some internal conflict. After years of soulsearching, they are beginning to find some small sense of inner peace and hope to bring the same calm to those they encounter. By learning from their early failures and moving beyond them. Arbiters hope to both help others avoid similar pain and to find their own place in the Force. v Ascetics recognize that their failure came about from attachment. This might begin as a foolish attempt to reconcile themselves with past mistakes, but as the Force opens itself to them. they begin to walk the unfettered path for its own sake. The mistakes of the past serve as reminders of the person they once hoped to become-but now the galaxy has moved on, and so too must they.

Old wounds run deep. Old mistakes come back to haunt those who made them. Healers understand this more than most. especially given that they are remnants of the Jedi Order. Many Healers see themselves as the last fragments of the order. having left wounded and weary from the terrible loss. They see it as their duty to use what gifts they have to restore those who have been wounded. both physically and spiritually. by this loss; they quietly set about their task with simple humility and diligent certainty. Few of those in the Jedi Service Corps received forma l lightsaber instruction. making the Niman Disciple a rarity when it comes to this background. most of them find themselves intuitively practicing the techniques of the Niman, as if the Force itself were guiding them, leading them along this path. They have little desire to inflict violence upon others. but in the wake of the Jedi Order's destruction, they recognize that there are many cherished things, people, and even ideals that are worth defending.

Perhaps in youth, the Sage was too thirsty for knowledge, too eager to learn. But for many Sages, years have now passed, and life has taught them patience. Though they were judged to be too weak in the Force to become Jedi Padawans, they instead see their journey in the Force as a long road upon which many hard lessons must be learned. Teachers have learned from the mistakes of their past, mistakes that both cost them a place in the Jedi Order and probably saved their life. Many Teachers see their "failure· as a second opportunity shown to them by the Force-a chance to take the experiences slowly revealed to them and use that knowledge to help others grow and learn. ROGUE SCHOLAR Knowledge can be a dangerous thing and rogue scholars know this. Emperor Palpatine builds his Galactic Empire on a foundation of ignorance and propaganda. Rogue scholars dedicate themselves to not only finding the truth but, more importantly, revealing it to those who believe the deception and propaganda fed to them by the Empire.

The Force guides these characters in their quest for truth, and the truths they find can shed light on even the deepest darkness. However, Consulars acting as rogue scholars cannot simply shine a beacon into the void. That would most likely get them killed. they pass on these vital truths to those who can use the information in ways Consulars cannot. After planting the seed of knowledge, they patiently watch and sometimes guide, until it blossoms into the fullness of undeniabilitya blinding truth that no amount of Imperial deception can diminish. In some sense, this is true. Ascetics do not search for relics in order to horde it for themselves. Ascetics hope to preserve these antiques for future generations. keeping them safe from all hands until such a time comes when their use can be of the greatest benefit. Once discovered. such objects are hidden away yet again in a location shrouded in even greater secrecy.

an artifact that is revealed to a select few and wielded by no one can be preserved until such a time as it is needed. The Force is intrinsically tied to all living things. Across the many traditions of those who wield the Force. it is said there exist pieces of lost technology that could aid in the preservation of life and ease the pain of the wounded. Some Healers seek out these treasures in order to help close the countless wounds across the galaxy. Many Healers who discover artifacts outside their purview will see that they are set in the hands that will best use them to protect the weak and defend the innocent. Niman Disciples who scour the galaxy for relics focus their investigation on lost lightsaber technology. This goes beyond the obvious search for crystals and construction methods: many Niman Disciples seek out instructional texts and holocrons.

as well as any remaining records that discuss the philosophy behind the art of the lightsaber. For all Jedi. and especially Niman Disciples. wielding the weapon of the lost order is as much a spiritual exercise as a physical one-if not more so. The Sage knows that wisdom can be found in the words of elders from the past-but few such mentors remain. Many Sages instead search for records left behind by lost masters of the Force. But their truths were hidden or even destroyed by the Empire for a reason: the truth is the most dangerous weapon in the battle against the Empire. Those who search for it are the most wanted beings in the galaxy, which forces Sages to conduct their searches with a level of awareness that borders on paranoia. The Force is a nebulous. intangible thing. It cannot be touched in any physical sense. so sometimes a Teacher will seek out objects from the past and use them to convey otherwise difficult concepts to those who wish to learn the ways of the Force.

These instructors recogn ize that such relics bring their lessons to life and must be preserved. Holocrons and tomes of lore kept by ancient Force users are especially valued, as they are founts of knowledge whereby the Teacher may sometimes become the student. WANDERING DIPLOMAT Inner peace and tranquility are hallmarks of those adept in the ways of the Force. but they are by no means easy states to reach. Consulars recognize that peace can be found in all moments. by all people-some just need more help than others. Wandering diplomats use their skills in the Force to help beings they encounter resolve conflict through d iscussion. and patience. Whether acting as an advisor to a planetary official. a negotiator for a trade guild, or simply a traveling peacekeeper, a wandering diplomat strives to help other beings find harmony in the midst of chaos and stem the tide of the violence and bloodshed in the galaxy.

Arbiters are. by nature, diplomats. Seeking to bring balance to underlying conflicts and resolve ongoing struggles. Arbiters are well-suited to the role of a wandering diplomat. which allows them to stay one step ahead of the Galactic Empire. Unfortunately, they are rarely present to see whether their attempts to bring peace are effective, as they must often vanish as quickly as they appeared for the safety of both themselves and those they seek to aid. Ascetics are surprisingly effective in the role of wandering diplomats. They are able to see past the distractions that so often blind everyone else involved. By focusing solely on their connection to the Force and its connection to those they seek to aid. Ascetics are able to get to the heart of the struggles in which they are interceding.

The truth appears easily to them. unfettered by interruptions. often seeking to stave off a wound before it can be inflicted. They must remain observant. relying on both their own physical senses and the awareness granted to them through their connection with the Force in hopes that they can prevent turmoil before it can occur. Conversely, many Healers serve as wandering diplomats in the aftermath of a terrible struggle, seeking means for peace between two sides that have already all but destroyed one another. These characters are both desperate and patient, hoping to find a peace that exists on the far side of war. They recognize that a weapon should only be drawn if the wielder is willing to use it. when they do ignite their lightsabers. it is done as an act of protection-to defuse violence before there is no turning back. By staving off greater violence with lesser methods. they can sue for peace when the dust settles and cooler heads can prevail.

The Sage uses lessons and parables to enlighten those caught up in their own struggles so that two factions might see that they are not so d ifferent after all. In the end, all beings are of the Force, and in that. the Sage hopes to find a universality common to everyone involved. The wisdom of shared experiences. collective values, and simple common sense can win the day if only a moment can be taken to stop and reflect on the situation at hand. Teachers who travel from star to star in hopes of bringing peace act almost as investigators. After observing both sides in a conflict and listening to what each has to say, these wandering diplomats can provide techniques they've learned in their travels and insight from their exotic experiences that can help achieve an accord.

New methods and a new vision are sometimes all that is necessary to bring about resolution-that vision simply needs to be revealed. While this is most often done from a place of peace and desire to bring harmony to the conflicts around them. the quest for wisdom is not without its perils. Earnest and well-meaning curiosity can spiral into obsession if Consulars do not tread carefully. Consulars must take great care to ensure that they do not seek knowledge for personal power. Fewer things are more dangerous than a secret that is known to only a few, and the sense of power that comes from being one of the select few can create pride and arrogance if the Consular is not careful.

I With deep understanding, there sometimes comes a sense of superiority. Consulars can come to believe their knowledge makes them better than the less-educated beings who surround them. Such Consulars sometimes seek greater and more elusive secrets. In time, this can develop into an obsession in which Consulars gather hidden information and name themselves the singular stewards of these secrets. withholding such knowledge simply because they decide only they are worthy to possess it. Consulars search endlessly for a deeper understanding of the Force; before long. it is likely that they will discover holocrons, lost tomes, or ancient secrets that detail one of the many paths leading to the dark side of the Force.

While Consulars seeking to follow the path of the Jedi are wary of Sith teachings. the corrupting influence of the dark side can be found in other traditions. Both the Sorcerers of Tund and the Nightsisters of Dathomir draw their power from fear. and anger. What can appear to be unique and insightful exploration of exotic Force techniques can lead Consulars unknowingly down the path of the dark side if they are not vigilant. There are even some rare organizations. such as the Jensaarai. who claim to walk in perfect balance with the Force, able to call upon both compassion and anger for their power. Whether there is any truth to these claims is not known, but reckless Consulars drawn in by a promise of new understanding of the Force can easily find themselves unknowingly walking in shadow.

Before long. such Consulars are surrounded by murk. where lies and wisdom become mingled and the darkness is too deep for them to separate peace from passion. Consulars must constantly examine both themselves and those around them in order to best utilize the knowledge they have acquired. The burden of understanding weighs heavily upon their shoulders. and the application of that knowledge is a delicate task. Consulars must strive to hold onto the balance of insight, recognizing that while they may have a deeper understanding of a given situation than many other beings. they have by no means achieved perfect understanding and absolute wisdom. It is the Consulars· duty to remember that the wise are certain that they know nothing. This means Consulars must be able to make hard choices when knowledge is incomplete or outcomes are uncertain, often risking their own life and the lives of others in the process.

The Morality of Consulars colors why they seek knowledge as well as how they apply the wisdom they have acquired. It helps guide players in how their Consular will act when they are asked to resolve matters of conflict. Players may replace Table 2- 1: M orality on page 50 of the FORCE AND D ESTINY Core Rulebook with Table 1- 1: Consular M oralities. Players may choose to roll randomly or select a Morality based on their background. core philosophy, or desired character arc. Each character starts play with a Morality value as described on page 49 of the F ORCE AND D ESTINY Core Rulebook. and observe the natural state of things without being influenced by strong emotions. Love: The character has a gentle and kindly affection for someone or some group. This unwavering dedication is an inspiration to those around the character. Caution: By being wary and observing all the Emotional Weakness Apathy: The character's skills at detached observation can often lead to a cold pragmatism in which the emotional cost of choices is not taken into consideration.

Jealousy: At times. the character is so devoted that he cannot stand to see the subject of his love turn to others. This can lead to envy or a lack of appreciation. Indecision: The character can sometimes spend far too long considering a matter. unable to find the confidence necessary to make a hard choice. Faced with a situation that demands immediate reaction. the character is unable to make any choice at all. the character is able to make an informed decision. By considering his actions. the character can make the most effective choice. the character gains a new and unique understanding. This allows the character to approach problems from an unexpected angle and produce original solutions. Sophism: The character's unique perspective can lead to the assumption that those who do not share the character's insight are somehow less enlightened and should be reminded of that. The desire to alleviate suffering is paramount to the character. Hatred: Those who have no capacity for compassion deserve none for themselves.

The character is quick to mercilessly dispatch beings who breed suffering. not considering whether such beings can be saved themselves. The character is willing to lay down his weapon and offer that chance to former enemies who seek peace and enlightenment. Naivete: The character only sees the good in all beings and can easily be influenced by a cunning foe. This can lead to bitterness. and terrible consequences for a seemingly noble act. Curiosity: The search for knowledge never ends. Understanding all things and all beings drives the character to seek out wisdom wherever it may be found. Pride: The character takes strength from bringing 64 peace and enlightenment to the galaxy and recognizing that those efforts are not in vain.

Such characters see themselves as valuable in their role as peacekeepers during these dark times. Obsession: The character can become fixated on a particular area of knowledge and cast aside prudence and patience in a self-serving desire to achieve ultimate enlightenment. Arrogance: The character's role and accomplishments are something he feels must be recognized by those around him. Such characters often fail to acknowledge the beings who came before them and belittle those who are not part of their quest. recognizing that in time all things will reveal themselves as the Force wills it.

I Have Disciples of Harmony. You Have Questions. Sign in to follow this. Followers 6. Savvy Negotiator can be found in one of the articles about Disciples of Harmony, which is why nobody has posted what it does in here, it would be redundant to do so. Share this post. Disciples of Harmony, a sourcebook for Consular characters in the Star Wars Force and Destiny roleplaying game, expands the options available to Consulars in the core rulebook and gives Game Masters new opportunities to position these arbiters of balance within their campaign. the "Racial Harmony Disciples of Harmony, a sourcebook for Consular characters in the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game, expands the options available to Consulars in the core rulebook and gives Game Masters new opportunities to position these arbiters of balance within their campaign.

One cannot deny the powerful impact the apostle Paul had on the growth and development of the early church a. His conversion provided powerful testimony to the resurrection of Christ b. His missionary journeys led to the establishment of churches throughout the Star Wars - Force and Destiny - Disciples of Harmony - Consular Sourcebook Consular sourcebook for the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars. Tweet Facebook. Rejoindre Breizhbook. Sponsorisé par. Badges Signaler un problème Conditions d'utilisation.

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System: Force and Destiny. Rows per page:. Copyright © The Outer Rim Patreon Donate. Books Books. Equipment Gear. Transportation Vehicles. Additional Rules. Characters Skills. Adversaries Adversaries. Creatures Creatures. The Outer Rim About. Source Code. Book Disciples of Harmony System: Force and Destiny Initials: DoH Key: SWF Found an error? Report it here. Gear Name. Sorry, no matching records found. Weapons Name. Armor Name. Attachments Name. Blade Drain. Corrupted Crystal. Cracked Crystal. Hilt-Masking Kit. Pommel Cap. Seeker Crystal. Solari Crystal. Stun Blaster Attachment. Vehicles Name. A-A5m Emergency Response Vehicle. Ascendant Personal Stealth Flyer. Flasherfish Personal Watercraft. IML-2C Aquatic Scout Ship. Oduran Luxury Landspeeder. Whelik All-Terrain Explorer. Starships Name. Action IV Bulk Freighter. Consular-Class Cruiser's Salon Pod. Consular-class Light Cruiser.

Rise of the Separatists , Disciples of Harmony Jedi Training Cruiser Crucible. Kaminoan Observation Ship. T-6 Shuttle. TLB Medium Transport. VB Dart Personal Flyer. Vehicle Weapons. Vehicle Weapons Name. Vehicle Attachments. Vehicle Attachments Name. Additional Rules Name. Skills Name. Talents Name. Aggressive Negotiations. Far Horizons , Fly Casual , Disciples of Harmony, Collapse of the Republic Crucial Point. Empty Soul. Encouraging Words. Desperate Allies , Lead by Example , Disciples of Harmony, Dawn of Rebellion Go Without.

Intense Focus. Age of Rebellion Beginner Game - Rulebook , Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook , Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook , Disciples of Harmony Iron Soul. Master Instructor. Lead by Example , Disciples of Harmony Meditative Trance. Mind Bleed. Now The Master. Once A Learner. Physical Training. Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook , Disciples of Harmony, Rise of the Separatists , Collapse of the Republic Savvy Negotiator. Savvy Negotiator Improved. Skilled Teacher. Sunder Improved. Well Traveled. Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook , Disciples of Harmony, Collapse of the Republic Wise Warrior. Wise Warrior Improved. Abilities Name. Combat Training. Any other character who spends at least 1 hour practicing with this droid can increase their melee defense rating by 2 for rest of session. Force Power Imbue. Lends strength to allies, making them more potent, resourceful, or resilient for a time. Master of Rhetoric. Allow allies to add [BOOST][BOOST] to any opposed Presence- or Willpower-based checks or other checks to negotiate or mediate in the Outer Rim.

Non-humanoid Etiquette and Protocol. Allow allies to add [BOOST] to any Negotiation or other checks to negotiate or mediate with any non-humanoid species. Outland Etiquette and Protocol. Allies add [BOOST] to any Negotiation or other checks to negotiate or mediate in the Outer Rim. Sensitive Hearing. Add [BOOST] to all Perception and Vigilance checks while wearing protective earpieces. Without earpieces, add [THREAT] to Perception and Vigilance checks they make instead. Strong Backed. Species Name. Adversaries Name. BDSeries Assay Support Droid. BL0-Series Non-lethal Combat Droid. ED-V8-Series Envoy Droid. P2F Hostile Environment Remote.

Star Wars - Force And Destiny - Disciples Of Harmony - Consular Sourcebook,

Disciples of Harmony, a sourcebook for Consular characters in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, expands the options available to Consulars in the core rulebook Disciples of Harmony, a sourcebook for Consular characters in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, expands the options available to Consulars in the core rulebook Download Star Wars - Force And Destiny - Disciples Of Harmony - Consular Sourcebook Type: PDF Date: July Size: MB Author: William Dehen This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form Outland Etiquette and Protocol. Allies add [BOOST] to any Negotiation or other checks to negotiate or mediate in the Outer Rim. Disciples of Harmony Sensitive Hearing. Add Download PDF - Star Wars - Force And Destiny - Disciples Of Harmony - Consular Sourcebook [pnxkywddre4v] Download This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us ... read more

And while most Arkanians value scholarly pursuits above all else, an Arkanian with a connection to the Force may find that innate connection to all life pushes her to become a Seeker, and journey into the natural world to gain true understanding of nature. When the need is greatest and a new generation must rise to confront the darkness, there can be no greater ally in the Force than knowledge passed down from the vantage of experience and understanding. laboring with a wide variety of corporations, organizations. ringed in bony ridges: they have the unique trait of blinking with eyelids that rise up from the bottom of their sockets. Force Power Imbue. Coercion, and Deception checks once per rank of Nobody's Fool.

Vast mines supply beautiful and valuable diamonds, sought by wealthy nobles and aristocrats from across the galaxy. Sophism: The character's unique perspective can lead to the assumption that those who do not share the character's insight are somehow less enlightened and should be reminded of that. the Healer seeks out the root cause of illness. a great many did not even achieve the status of Padawan. Books Books, disciples of harmony pdf download. A Consular who is the singular keeper of a great secret often develops a sense of superiority over the less informed.